Wicked Fragrances To Help You Reveal The Other Side Of Your Personality

As a woman, you always want to experiment with your fashion style and the fragrance that you wear plays a major part in the statement that your personality makes. There are different options that are available for you from the light and sophisticated ones to the dark and heavy ones. The selection of these flavors and fragrances must be in correlation with the parties such as when you are going to a business party; you shall wear fragrances which are quite light and easy on the nose and other sensory organs. On the other hand, when you go to the discs and pubs for the hardcore parties, the wise choice for you is to go for very high octane and impulsive perfumes that make an instant impact over anyone. These perfumes also tend to last a bit longer which makes you to be in a better odor throughout the night.

But in case, you want to go completely wild with your fashion senses, the best choice that you have is wicked point perfume and fragrances to have a completely different persona. These fragrances have become a trademark in the Halloween and other dark theme parties. To help you further on wearing the right fragrances, here are some good wicked fragrances that are most popular amongst them:

Wicked fragrances with mandarin flavor:

This is one of the best choices that you have when it comes to the selection of the wicked fragrances as they give you an unusual odor which is loved by everyone. This one goes very well with the dark parties and if you are the one who loves a bit of negativity, then there are not many choices which are better than this one. To make it more impulsive jasmine, red current and amber flavors are added to the raw material which makes it even more wicked and dark and thus you can make an even stronger statement.

Wicked fragrance for lovers:

This is another fragrance which will help you to have a wicked but lovable fragrance and is an ideal one to go out on wicked dates with your lovers. It helps you to have a fruity and juicy smell which makes everyone to take note of you. Especially in case, when you are going for your first sex date, it can be a great option as it will induce the lust and love along with passion in your spirits.