Top 3 Brother Sewing Machines

Top 3 Brother Sewing Machines You Must Have

Back in 1928, the first Brother sewing machine was manufactured by the Yasui brothers. Though the original brothers’ may no longer be building these machines, the company, Brother, has not stopped to improve their machines mechanics unique style and grace, giving users the perfect sewing machine for all their sewing needs. The list compiled below is of the three top Brother sewing machines on the market today.

#1 Brother SE400 Combination Sewing and Embroidery Machine

What makes this sewing machine so fascinating and unique, is not only is it a computerized sewing machine, but with the use of a USB cord, you can actually connect it to your windows PC or MAC, and update the machine with purchased embroidery designs, allowing you to add to the 70 already built in designs. The designs can be purchased from online stores. The onboard memory capacity is only 512kb, which isn’t a lot. However, this particular model has come equipped with a memory card slot, allowing you to add more data via a memory card.
Its large, crystal clear, easy to use touch screen LCD screen allows the user to easily access all the embroidery designs, 5 lettering fonts, and 67 different sewing stitches. It comes with a whole assortment of goodies such as; buttonhole, zipper, button fitting, monogramming, and embroidery feet, touch screen pen, seam ripper, bobbins, scissors, needle set, and so much more. This sturdy machine comes with a 25-year warranty and outstanding customer support service. The only con to this particular machine is it is only really built for embroidery projects. Where it can do other sewing needs, it isn’t perfect for those particular jobs.

#2 Brother PQ1500SL High-Speed Quilting and Sewing Machine

Now this particular Brother sewing machine is built to tackle the large jobs and projects. It is perfect for quilting and other large projects with its extra-long bed. It is super-fast, completing 1500 stitches per minute! If this is too heavy paced, the machine can be slowed down with the use of its very effective foot pedal. Threading the needle has been made easier with its built in needle threader. Thanks, Brother PQ1500SL! With a touch of a button, the thread is automatically trimmed, too. This is a very strong, sturdy machine, well equipped to work on heavy materials, just like an industrious machine. The best part about this is, it is actually fairly lightweight, making it easy to maneuver when needed, and it is very quiet. One drawback on this machine would be there is no empty bobbin indicator. As you merrily go on sewing the fabulous new quilt you have painstakingly put together, you may come to notice the stitches are no longer stitched. It is advised to keep this in mind and keep a watchful eye on that bobbin.

#3 Brother XR9500PRW Project Runway Sewing Machine

This one doesn’t have the frills of an embroidery sewing machine, or a quilting sewing machine, but it doesn’t mean it is not capable of such tasks. This one is by far more flexible with sewing projects, and with a name like a project runway, one could be sewing the next upcoming fashion designs for their wardrobe.

This neat contraption has 100 different stitching styles built into the onboard computer, offering a fantastic range of professional stitch designs. The LCD display screen is clear and easy to use, and the attached stitch guide makes it easy as pie to locate the exact stitch you require for your project. This sewing machine has been specifically built with a large bed for quilting and other large projects. Also included are a variety of goodies that can be found in the compartment located in the arm.

As with every product, this one does have its faults. Without the use of good quality thread, the machine will inadvertently bunch up the thread. A spool cover does not come with this machine, making it rather noisy as the spool bounces about during use.

The verdict

Whether the project is embroidery, quilting, or just regular sewing, these are the three top choices that Brother has to offer. All three of these machines come with a 25-year warranty and superb customer service. It really leaves little wonder why Brother has been around for centuries and is still one of the favorite brands available.