The Benefits Of Choosing A Backpack Over A Diaper Shoulder Bag

When it comes to diaper bags options, there are two big categories: the backpacks and the shoulder bags. There are people who would never use a backpack and there are others who hate the shoulder bags, however you should make you own opinion and what other way to decide which one is for you than to read comparative reviews. On, you can find everything you need to know about the diaper backpacks and understand why they are superior to the shoulder bags. However, here are few things to consider first and they will definitely help you make an opinion about these intelligent backpacks:

The backpack offers you mobility and free hands

The backpack stays on your back and it remains there. A shoulder bag will always slip from your shoulder when you will bend your body and you will always move it from one shoulder to the other so you can take the hand of your little one. Also, with a heavy shoulder bag you cannot move freely, you cannot play with your kid and the pain will appear immediately after you leave the house. With a backpack you will forget about all these aspects and you will enjoy your day out.

A more organized bag

A backpack is more organized as well. With more pockets you can sort your stuff and know which pocket is for which item. This is very important and every mom knows how frustrating is to have child that is crying for his toy, you know that it is somewhere inside your bag, but even after the third search you cannot find it.

You can still have a small bag when you use a backpack

Last, but not least, a backpack doesn’t mean that you cannot have a small bag with you as well. When you use a backpack to store all the supplies that you might need, you can still have a very small bag with a long cross body strap. You can keep in this bag your wallet, paper tissues and your phone and you will have immediate access to them without stopping or having to search through the backpack. However, if you choose a big shoulder bag, it is a bit silly to have another smaller one for your essentials. Therefore, you will have to keep them in the bag as well and every time your phone will ring you will find yourself searching though diapers and snacks to find it.