Which is Better – an Impact Driver or a Cordless Drill?

Well, to keep it straight to the point, the choice of an impact driver or a cordless drill depends on your particular needs. Nonetheless, there’s every reason you need to own an impact driver over a cordless drill as outlined below.

You Don’t Have to Deal With a Lot of Weight

An impact driver is relatively lighter in comparison to a cordless drill. In essence, this means that you can use the tool for hours without operational fatigue. In other words, you can get more work done with an impact driver without getting tired as opposed to using a cordless drill.

Of course, the fact that an impact driver is light means that it is compact too and won’t eat into your storage space.

An Impact Driver Packs More Power than a Cordless Drill

You’re better off with an impact driver for tasks that require more power. Latest impact driver models boast as much as 150 Nm of torque which means that you don’t have to spend too much time on smaller jobs. Be sure to visit http://www.drillsanddrivers.com/bosch-ps41-2a/ to have a glimpse at one of the most powerful impact drivers and what its power means for your drilling tasks.

You Don’t Have to Deal with a lot of Kickback

Indeed, you want to accomplish as much as you can with your machine in lesser time. However, one of the hindrances you may encounter is a high level of kickback.  A cordless drill, by design and functionality, generates more kickback than an impact driver. It, therefore, means that you will have to use more power to drive large screws through harder materials.

You see, too much kickback reduces the motor’s ability to rotate the screw or drilling bit. Thus, the power that would have otherwise gone into turning the screw or the bit gets transferred to your body, causing your hands to shake. And, the more hours you work, the greater the strain on your arms, meaning that you will eventually lose the ability to hold your machine steadily.

Note – An impact driver can generate more torque and as a result, can surmount the resistance that causes kick back.

The Bottom Line

An impact driver is way better than a cordless drill for jobs that require a significant amount of power. In fact, if you use it correctly, you may never need a cordless drill irrespective of the task at hand. The only thing you need to remember is that impact drivers are more expensive than cordless drills but are certainly worth it.