3 Hair Care Hacks To Get Perfectly Straight Hair

Perfectly straight hair has been a desire of many since years. We have been seeing this kind of hair from runways to everyday lifestyle now. However, going under permanent hair straightening can be very stressful for your hair. This makes thousands of women go under the flat iron plates almost every day to get that sleek and straight hair. Nevertheless, the damage that these flat irons cause cannot be explained much. From making your hair dry and brittle to hair fall, the list is long. The best solution that the hair industry has found for this is hot hairbrushes. These heated hair straightening brushes will give you the perfect salon quality hair at home within minutes, without having you to damage your hair under flat plates. A list of heated hair straightening brushes and their advantages have been explained at Brushed Straight for your convenience. What you need to know is perfectly straight hair might just begin in your shower. Here are 3 hair-care hacks that will get you perfect poker straight hair in not time.

  • While no shampoo or conditioner can give you straight hair, the hair shampoos and conditioners with the smoothening labels can help prepare the trends for straightening. These smoothening shampoos, conditioners and serums provide major moisturization to the hair that will make them easy to straighten with heat. Do not towel dry your hair hard after the shower. Just pat your hair dry to remove excess water from the strands. A soft towel is the best way to do so.
  • If you are planning to straighten your hair with a flat iron, it is essential for you to blow-dry you hair. The major mistake that most women do is to hold the blow dryer in the opposite direction f the hair shaft. It is important to keep the blow dryer nozzle facing downwards the entire time, so that the hair attains a sleek look without being frizzy. Dry your hair up to 80% with a blow dry and carry on with your straighten for the rest.
  • Never straighten wet hair. Hair is at its weakest when wet. If you hear sizzle, stop and dry your hair nicely with a blow dryer before taking up the straightener. If you can feel your hair dry, it might be the product built up. Always apply a heat protectant to the hair when it is still little damp rather than applying on bone-dry hair.

These 3 professional hacks will get you poker straight runway-hair in no time.