Effective Ways to Stamp your Authority on Instagram

It doesn’t matter why you joined Instagram – you want people to notice you. If you’re in it for business, you want to come across as an authoritative brand. You want to command respect and most importantly trustworthiness with your followers. These tips will help you get started

Get People to Follower You

Yes. This one seems pretty obvious, but it is easier said than done. See, drawing enough attention to make a user want to follow you on Instagram takes some work. Even then, you can always think outside the box to acquire your first few followers. For instance, if you think you can benefit from bought followers, go ahead and do it. It’s all about going the extra mile to get the numbers on your side.

Give Your Follower What They Want

You have to connect with your audience with your content. So, be sure to do some research before you post. At the very least, you want your followers to learn one or two things. Figure out what your audience really wants. Don’t just come up with any content become you think your follower will fall in love with it. When you get your content part right, you will always attract tags, comments, likes and more followers. Think of it as a way to scale your account.

Be Active and Responsive

When you have a large crowd, it is essential to show them that you care about their concerns. So, spend some time to like and reply to their comments. Follow as many people as you can too. That way, will expose your brand and attract more followers in the process. Note that when you don’t interact with your audience, they will soon start to unfollow you and that’s not good for business. You can even consider using automation software for likes, comments, follows and so on. The point is, for your audience to see you as an authority, you must ensure that there is some activity on your Instagram account.

The Bottom Line

It feels good to become a figure of authority on Instagram. And when people start to notice you and can relate to what you’re sharing, you’ll soon become an influencer. Even better, you will begin to attract big brands and become their ambassador. Needless to say, the more authority you have on Instagram, the easier it is for you to make some money.

Notable Functions of Industrial Printing

Industrial printing involves the use of various print technologies to complete the manufacturing process for most products. Whether for decorative or functionality purposes, this mode of printing gives you the best in terms of quality, durability, and precision. Industry printing serves various purposes that can be categorized as follows

Functional Printing

Everything used in our day to day lives including phones, electronic appliances, and even computers, have gone through the industrial printing process. Imagine how life would be without them? They play a very vital role in getting things done. Industrial printing utilizes some conducive inks to integrate some aspects and add functional circuits, sensors, switches, and antennas to these products to ensure they are fully operational. This can be achieved in two or three dimensions depending on the size, type and use of the product. The products are printed in bulk to ensure consistency and precision is maintained.

Decorative Printing

Have you ever wondered how the beautiful items that surround you are manufactured and how fragile products such as tiles and decorative glass are printed? All this is the work of industrial printing. The technique plays a great role in ensuring that every decorative item is customized to meet the market demand. Decorative printing serves a very wide range of items including furniture, gift wraps, floors, walls and work surfaces. With the right choice of ink such as the ones available at Needham Ink, you can easily translate your choice patterns onto these items to make your environment more beautiful.

Package Printing

Package printing is mostly used to produce factory items such as bottles, bags and boxes. Industrial printing gives retailers and brands the opportunity to give a unique appearance to their products. A product’s package is of very high value in the supply chain since it is the first marketing tool that manufacturers use to get the attention of customers. Companies that create innovative packages often sell more than those with ordinary packaging. While traditional printing was beneficial in the old days, it was not possible to use a variety of colors to design packing boxes and bottles. Nowadays, it is very easy to use a color of your choice to make your products more attractive.

In Conclusion

Industrial printing is a notable asset to the speed and productivity of companies that are into commercial printing. You are able to incorporate any custom technologies and inks during the printing process to meet any client and performance requirements.

Instagram Tips to Grow Your E-commerce Business

Instagram may be a visual-based social media platform, but it offers endless opportunities to grow your e-commerce business. What follows is a rundown of how to do it without spending too much money.

Expose Your Brand

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that potential followers are aware of your brand. Embark on a campaign to market your product or service. Also, acquire as many followers and likes as you can. Buy your initial followers to initiate natural growth. Even then, make sure that you’re purchasing your followers from a reputable company.

Avoid services such as iDigic. Why? Well, because Spire says that while iDigic may get you one or two active followers, it has a reputation for selling fake followers and likes. In essence, this hurts your marketing campaign, making it even harder to get your e-commerce business off the ground in term of exposure.

Show Your Brand’s Image with Every Post

Instagram revolves around aesthetics. So, make sure that your images are as stellar as your feed. In fact, you should take some time to map out your feed strategy. That way, you will have a plan on how to publish your photos. For instance, you may alternate your product’s images with a lifestyle shot. Or, you may choose to use one filter for all your pictures. In other words, come up with an artistic vision and stick to it religiously. The idea is to convey a compelling story in a way that targets the lifestyle of your target audience.

Use the Rule of Thirds

You should strive to deliver a balanced message. Do not be too promotional. So, when making posts about your e-commerce business, make sure that your content is conversational to engage your audience. This can include anything from asking your followers questions to contests and giveaways. Share industry news too. Your promotional posts should contain anything related to your company or product. Applying the rule of thirds is essential to increasing your following and level of engagement.

The Bottom Line

You can drive lots of traffic to your e-commerce site using Instagram if you have a clear-cut marketing campaign. Apart from the suggestions above, it is essential to tag your products to make them shoppable. Also, curate your hashtags to make sure that they appear in search results. Be sure to research about the hashtags to use in advance to have enough time to implement other strategies.

Features Of A Good Instagram Marketing Campaign

People are always reporting massive success in social media marketing, but you may not know what it takes to achieve such results. You may be thinking that picking a few pictures here and there, generating hashtags and tagging famous brands is all you need to convert followers into loyal customers. Instagram is one of the best platforms where you can carry out campaigns for launching new products or even promoting the existing ones. Getting in the success book is not that hard as it just requires some effort and a clear strategy that one can easily follow. The following are the characteristics of a good Instagram marketing strategy.

    1. Targets the right customers

One of the biggest advantages social media marketing has over traditional marketing is that you can target a certain group with the former. You can even narrow down based on age, region, and characteristics of your followers. You can also use Instagram groups where you target those people in your group only. Ensure that you understand the type of content that your followers relate to. The young are focused so much on the visuals while the old can click on both visual and text. Make sure that your videos and images are of the highest quality.

    1. Applies user-generated content

Your followers can become your brand ambassadors if you engage them and allow them to share your content. Reviews and customer testimonials can be a very nice tool for providing social proof which is important for startups as well as established brands. Encourage your followers to comment and share your content and engage them in a meaningful manner. You can also motivate them by offering a discount or a simple gift to the first person to comment. Moderate your comments and do not allow vulgar or statements that may devalue others. Encourage mature conversations, but you can apply humor once in a while.

    1. Gives room for automation

Marketing is an important function in every business but remember that there are other tasks as well. You can automate your Instagram campaigns and get enough time for other tasks such as production, processing of orders and delivery. The Small Business Blog highlights some of the best automation tools that you can use to run successful campaigns. The number of tasks that an automation tool can perform will vary from one bot to the other. Some of the basic tasks include scheduling posts, searching for hashtags and engaging followers.